Please pray for the sick and those in need:

Margaret Lilley, Trudy (Elizabeth), Elena, Vasilica, Anne Marie and her baby daughter, Stephanie; Margaret; (Fr.) Bill; Magdalena; Mother Esodia; Doris; Mary, Maria; Emma; Megan; Olga; James; Jessie; Nick, Maddy and family; Catrina and Michael; Cornelia; Theo Valentino, George; Ondar; Christine, Christos and family. Also Archbishops Paul and John and all held in captivity.

and for the departed whose memory occurs this month:

Elizabeth Clark (1st); Michael (7th); Vasile Page (7th); Alan Thomas Oakley (15th); Maureen (Ann) Brown (23rd); Florin Bogdan (23rd)

Name days this month:

Alexandra Varney (St Alexandra - 21st); Fr George Evans (St George - 23rd)

(Please note: any additions, alterations or requests for names to be included in the this prayer list should be addressed to me, James, either by SMS: 07412884765 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thank you)