"Since our sweet Jesus is so good, compassionate and kind, why should you despair? We seek one small thing from Him, and He gives us so much! We ask for one beam of light, and He gives us Himself as all Light, Truth, and Love. So humble yourself and rest all your hope in Him."
Elder Joseph the Hesychast [087]

Martha and Michael - a Fond Farewell

It was with much sadness that, on Sunday the 23rd of September 2012, we said our goodbyes to Martha Baxtresser and her husband Michael.

Martha has been a regular attendee at our little church, where she has been a much valued asset to our choir, for many years but now has to return to her native Virginia in the USA to take up new employment, her work in the UK having come to an end. Each week she would make the, quite lengthy, trip from her adopted home in Harrogate, North Yorkshire just to be with us in our lowly church and Michael would attend with her whenever he was in this country.

Martha and Michael will both be sorely missed.