"Monk Chariton the Kafsokalyvitan was the spiritual grandson of the hesychast Chariton. He followed the blessed path of his grandfather and was devoted to the struggle and trial of ascesis, even at a young age. Frequently he would fall into ecstasy while eating. His whole life was a constant vigil and prayer, and his death was one of a saint. He became bedridden and just before his end he had a vision. “Father Athanasios,” he said to his brother monk, “look there at so many children all dressed in white. Oh how beautiful! They are holding flowers in their hands. I thank you, God, that You have allowed me to see Your angels.”"
An Athonite Gerontikon [098]

I have been asked by Fr George to take up the position of Local Safeguarding Representative for our Parish. My remit will cover all aspects of work within the Parish with vulnerable adults and children. Although no such formal work is currently undertaken there could be issues that are of concern to you; if so please raise the matter either directly with me or, in my absence, with Fr George.

As yet our Diocese has not issued a comprehensive guide to safeguarding within the parish as it is awaiting the appointment of a Bishop in the expectation that our new Bishop would want to have some input to the formalisation of such a guide but I have been provided with a brief outline of my expected role. I also have some experience of Child Protection policies from my former employment with the crime reduction charity Nacro.

I would assure you of my complete and impartial consideration of any concerns you may have with regard to this issue. However, knowing you all as I do I'm not expecting to be kept very busy!

Reader James