"Be mindful of God, so that in every moment He may be mindful of you. If He is mindful of you, He will give you salvation. Do not forget Him, letting yourselves be seduced by vain distractions. Do you want Him to forget you in your times of temptation? Stay near Him and obey Him in the days of your prosperity. You will be able to rely on His word in difficult days, because prayer will keep you safe in His continual presence. Remain constantly before His face, think of Him, remember Him in your heart. Otherwise, if you only meet Him from time to time, you risk losing your close friendship with Him."
St. Isaac the Syrian [031]
2018 February 19th April 8th
2019 March 11th April 28th
2020 March 2nd April 19th
2021 March 15th May 2nd
2022 March 7th April 24th
2023 February 27th April 16th
2024 March 18th May 5th
2025 March 3rd April 20th
2026 February 23rd April 12th
2027 March 15th May 2nd
2028 February 28th April 16th
2029 February 19th April 8th
2030 March 11th April 28th
2031 February 24th April 13th
2032 March 15th May 2nd
2033 March 7th April 24th
2034 February 20th April 9th
2035 March 12th April 29th
2036 March 3rd April 20th
2037 February 16th April 5th
2038 March 8th April 25th
2039 February 28th April 17th
2040 March 19th May 6th
2041 March 4th April 21st
2042 February 24th April 13th
2043 March 16th May 3rd
2044 March 7th April 24th
2045 February 20th April 9th
2046 March 12th April 29th
2047 March 4th April 21st
2048 February 17th April 5th
2049 March 8th April 25th
2050 February 28th April 17th

Non-Orthodox viewers and those newly converted to Orthodox Christianity should note that in most years Pascha does not coincide with Easter as celebrated in the Western Churches.